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Meet Dan Padavona

Do you wish you sold more books?

I know your pain. It's no fun to pour your heart and soul into a book, release it to the world, and have no one buy it.

You deserve better than that. 

I don't want to help you sell a few books. Nope. I want to see your books on the Amazon top-100 charts. 

Sound unrealistic? It's not. I was in your position a few years ago. Then I learned how to market my books and increase my writing output, and my profits exploded. 

Now I want the same for you.

Who am I?

I'm a multi-time Amazon bestselling thriller author, a writing success coach, and a highly-sought after expert on book marketing and forming a winning mindset. Publisher's Weekly featured me in its 2023 indie author conference, and eFestival of Words named my Dark Vanishings series runner-up for thriller of the year. I have appeared as a guest on several industry leading podcasts, including JD Barker's Writer's Ink and Joanna Penn's The Creative Penn.

My personal development teachings range from highly-regarded online courses to personal coaching and a popular writer's blog. My courses take writers beyond the usual limits and challenge established beliefs about what it takes to achieve success as a novelist. 

Like many authors, I struggled to build my readership. After establishing a positive mindset and becoming a book marketing expert, I increased my revenue by a thousandfold in less than two years.

Today, I am a mentor to writers from all walks of life looking to improve their success. By combining personal growth lessons with rigorous studies of what works in advertising, I separate myself as a unique and effective teacher and developer of high-performance authors.

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